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​Always something happening at the Bay...
Wednesday's regular monthly gatherings for Yarm Motorcycle Club
Thursday is Quiz Night,
Friday is live music with Blues At The Bay,
Saturday is live sport- football, horse racing and whatever else is going on,
Sunday means more live sport and a buffet lunch at 2pm.
Blues At The Bay

The North East's Most Intimate Blues Venue.

Live Music from local, national and international artists and bands every Friday night- and always Free Entry.


Every Friday from 9pm

GBPQ Four Tops with cheque (3).jpg
Quiz Night

Following on from our team The Four Tops winning the Great British Pub Quiz, our quiz nights are now more popular than ever.


Every Thursday from 9pm

Fameless Five poster.jpg
Fameless Five

On the second Wednesday of each month (usually)

the Fameless Five are allowed out of their nursing home

to "entertain" the public.

If you want to see "care in the comunity" in action- why not pop down ?


Second Wednesday of each month, 1pm until 4pm

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